Frequently Asked Questions

The site is slow! Can I do anything?

In settings / appearance, you can set your quality to low to accommodate your potato, just like your favourite PC game!

What size is the background image?

It’s best to make your background image 1410 x 470 and make sure it’s under 1.5mb or else our system will compress it and it may not look as good. Also, it’s always best to have a jpg as the file type as they’re smaller. You can also have a gif as your background but it needs to be under 1.5mb too.

How do I add links to my social accounts?

You do this by clicking the big plus button on the top left of your profile.

How do I change the notification sounds and emails?

You can change these in your settings. Also, if you want us to add notification sounds, they need to be max 1 second long and in mp3 format, then you can send them to sounds@player.me.

How do I format/style my posts and comments?

Player.me uses a system called markdown to format your posts and comments, if you would like to learn how to use our flavour of markdown click here.

How do I make a group?

To make a group you simply click the downward arrow at the far right of the header and select ‘create a group’.

How do I instant message other Players?

Click on the chat icon on their profile, in their player card when you hover on their icon or from their player card in the browse section. If you’ve already messaged them you can simply check your existing messages in the header bar and continue the conversation from there.

How do I add games to my games library?

You can do this a number of ways, either simply choose to like or tag them from the browse section, on the game page itself or from other people’s games libraries. Another way to do this is directly from your games library by clicking the ‘add game’ button when you’re in the folder you want to add games to. You can also drag and drop any games you like into folders that will appear once you grab the card...it’s kinda fun, for about 10 seconds!

Why can I only pick 9 games to be shown on my profile overview? I want/NEED more!!

We totally understand, what we’re trying to do is find out your real hardcore loves whilst keeping a nice minimalist design for the profiles. You can like as many games as you want though!

How do I get verified?

We verify player accounts on an ongoing basis and we focus on players that are popular on other platforms as they are the most likely to require it. If you feel you fit the bill, feel free to email us at verify@player.me.

How do I block Players?

You can block a Player by clicking on the cog icon in the top right of a players profile or by clicking the downward arrow beside one of their posts and selecting to block them there.

If I’ve blocked a user or hidden their posts, how do I undo this?

Just go to your settings, select the privacy tab and you can unblock users there and select to view posts by anyone who’s posts are currently hidden.

How do I make my account private?

Simply go to settings and in the general tab there is the option to make your account private.

How do I make it so that only people I follow can message me?

Just go to settings and you can select this in the general tab.

How do I cross post to Twitter and Facebook?

You need to first connect to your Twitter and Facebook account before you’ll be able to cross post to them. You can either do this by clicking the + icon in the top left of your profile or by clicking the Twitter or Facebook icons at the bottom of the post box on the feed.

How do I check-in to a game?

You can tell the world what you’re currently playing or talking about by clicking the controller icon in the bottom left of the feed post box and selecting the game you want to check-in to from there.

How do I request features to be added to the site?

We have a pretty cool tool that allows you to request and vote on features to be added here. Please check if the feature request has already been made as if there are multiple feature requests for the same thing it defeats the purpose of the voting system and the feature request won’t rise to the top!

I’m getting loads of notifications, how do I make them stop???

You can either disable notification sounds in your settings, unsubscribe from noisy posts (by clicking the downward arrow beside the post) or you can mute them in the notifications tab in the header of the site. Muting notifications give you an hour of peace before all hell breaks loose again!

Is there an API?

Yep! The docs are at https://docs.playerme.apiary.io. Beware, we’ve given a few oAuth keys to a few users; however, we’re not comfortable yet with letting everyone use the grants we’re handling. This will be rectified in the future. Don’t fret though, GET methods are free for everyone to use in the meantime.