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I thought I could play the game by now but suddenly 75 minutes of download became 9 hours
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iChun I've been making Minecraft Mods for over 4 years now. Some of them can be pretty strange. Flying farting nyan pigs? Giant exploding torch rocket? Yeah, that's me.

I also stream other games from time to time. I'm also a medical student.
Cltd i99
Searge Minecraft PC developer at Mojang and founder of the Mod Coder Pack (MCP)
2LegitTyr Bogdaanel
chrisslight Hi! I like videogames, like, a lot, I've somehow made talking about them my job. I know, right? I review them in magazines, on TV and stream for folks like Devolver Digital and XSplit as well as host stages at conventions like E3 and PAX! Cool, right? Let's hang out and play games together!"
jyggy psychocyborg07
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