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Gadgetgirlkylie My name is Kylie
I do Let's Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough / Gameplay and first impression videos of PS3, PS4, PS VITA, WII U and 3DS Games!
I aim to bring quality content to my channel on a regular basis with HD quality and commentary!

For Business inquiries ONLY - please use my email address below. I would be delighted if you contact me to cover your game on my channel! gadgetgirlkylie@hotmail.co.uk
GrimlockePrime mdee14
Pamaj Hi there!

I'm Austin.... Most people call me Pamaj. I got a boat that floats

Thanks for checking out my profile! Browse around. I'm Canadian and very friendly.
Noahh YashkaDooTop
Rhygos **A little bit 'bout me...**
I'm a dedicated Gamer for fun and eSports. A Gamer Fighting Cancer!

Founder of Gamers Fighting Cancer and a dedicated Gamer for fun and eSports. Head skull cracker at Raucous Esports. UK & Ireland.

Playing MOBA/FPS games in the main, I game professionally while raising awareness and fundraising for Gamers Fighting Cancer. That's people like me!

**My awesome Partners/Sponsors:**

XSplit: http://bit.ly/XSv2Rhygos
Gladiator PC: http://bit.ly/GladiatorPCRhygos
Aria PC Technology: http://bit.ly/AriaPCRhygos
No Scope Gaming Glasses: http://bit.ly/GG-NSG
GT Omega Racing Gaming Chairs EU: http://bit.ly/RhygosEU
GT Omega Racing Gaming Chairs USA: http://bit.ly/RhygosUSA
GT Omega Racing Gaming Chairs Canada: http://bit.ly/GTOCanada
OnlineKeyStore - Save up to 80% on Games: http://bit.ly/RhygosGaming

Use code RHYGOS where applic. to secure discounts on any of your purchases!
**Gamers Fighting Cancer**
***Now live on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Rhygos***
Help me fight Cancer! Give a Gamer an 'Extra Life' and donate as little as £3 to Gamers Fighting Cancer today! All donations, no matter how small are gratefully received! Donate securely at http://bit.ly/RhygosDonation

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Ice_Demon reapergodxxl
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