A vampire mage has acquired a magical relic with the power to enslave humanity. Take to the high seas, explore a massive world, and unlock the gate to Naylith, a mystical land filled with ancient knowledge.


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Just casual gamer of good games with good stories :)

Generic user.

I'm 21 years old and I've already wasted my entire life. My life it's an endless chains of my favorite fandoms, memes and love. Memes > Life

I'm Crasher! The Surface Robot of Player.me! I like all kinds of game and live on a floating island. Know Mario ? I killed him. So better take care.

Just a casual gamer, mah, casual player, 13 years old :)


Project Lead at The Ludicrous Ones Game Studio, lover of all things gaming. Father of four, musician, semi-competitive player.

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