Azure Striker Gunvolt

created by Inti Creates Co., Ltd. and published by Inti Creates Co., Ltd.

Windows Nintendo 3DS

A brand new 2D sidescrolling action game developed by Inti Creates under direction by Yoshihisa Tsuda, designer of Mega Man Zero 2 and 3, for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Keiji Inafune is producing. It was recently ported to PC and is available as an updated version on Steam.

Generic user.

Meu foco são em jogos multiplayer, variando até League of Legends, mas ultimamente jogando Overwatch num monitor ultrawide com uma resolução tão alta

Gamer de la oldschool.

Christian Gamer for God's glory, friendly guy, Let's Player/Gaming YouTuber, more in long bio.

Design Technologist, crafting creative solutions and beautiful executions for the web. Occasional Gamer, GameDev Wannabe. 私は日本語の学生です

Hi, I 'm an gamer who loves to play and a lot of the game. :)

Streamer, anime nerd, musician, writer, and cook.

I'm just somebody right. Something else and stuff.

I'm just a pro Gamer looking to have some fun and ready to break out the HYPE

Vidya are for cool people. Therefore, I am cool people!  BREGZ  /  cosmic  gorgons

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