Catch a Falling Star is a casual and relaxing game where the aim is to catch falling stars and score points. A fun and relaxing game with beautiful graphics and soothing music - perfect for when you want to play something, but don't want to think too much. Features 3 Beautifull themes each with their own music 22 Extra baskets to unlock and catch stars in style Catch falling stars to score points Your basket fills up as you catch stars, but only once you deposit on either side of the screen, you score the points Avoid falling ice, which slows you down and take up valuable space in your basket Wind blows from either side, pushing objects in that direction Various power-ups, like a speed boost, extra life, no wind, etc. Avoid hazards like lose a life, slow basket, fast stars, more ice, etc. Catch star coins, with which you can unlock more basket space, additional baskets (more than 20 designs), more themes, or one-use power-ups for while you play Submit your score to our online leader boards Controller support So, if you are looking to sit back and relax, why not catch some stars!


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