One of Westwood's most classic real time strategies which in turn brought a whole series of Command & Conquer games, not only in the form of sequels but different offshoots, like Red Alert, Renegade and Generals. The game revolves around the two factions GDI and Nod which have two different ideologies on how to handle the sudden emergance of a new material called Tiberium. Tiberium serves as a kind of double-edged sword. On the one hand it's a very useful resource giving humanity the abiity to create useful technical tools and in GDI's and Nod's case build military might. On the other hand, tiberium extremely poisonous and is spreading on the Earth at an alarming rate, causing mass hysteria among the populace. GDI thinks the material needs to be expunged from the face of the Earth but will make full use of tiberium to achieve their goals. Nod on the other hand believes that the material should be embraced to help evolve mankind into something better. As a player you get to pick one of these two factions and play through that faction's campaign. The game revolves around gathering tiberium to build armies and defeat your opposing forces in a set of missions which varies from base building to just controlling a group of soldiers. For each mission you progress a new set of technology is introduced to keep the game interesting. You start up with basic infantry with weapons like machine guns, grenades and bazookas. Later in the game you get more advanced weaponry, like mammoth tanks, attack helicopters and of course the iconic Ion Cannon.


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