Destiny: The Taken King

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Pre-purchase and immediately begin playing Destiny and both Expansions today! Destiny: The Taken King - Collector’s Edition is perfect for new and existing Guardians that are ready to jump into the Destiny universe or continue to carve their legend in the stars. Includes: The Taken King, Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion II: House of Wolves, and extra digital content.


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​Simply put, I'm a husband, father, surfer, scuba diver, and gamer. My all-time favorite game franchise is Mass Effect, w/ Destiny in 2nd place.

Slightly distracted and highly caffeinated....drop in my streams six nights a week & join the rainestorm....member of Great Geekwads & Girlstreamers

I'm an American bumming my way across Europe one country at a time! If you can handle the scratches on your back, come say hi to your Wolf Daddy!

Gamer since age 2. I'll play just about anything. I own a bunch of systems and games. Hopefully one day I'll get the NES Classic Edition.

20 years old. I am a programmer. I make games, I play games, and I eat. What more could I say about myself?

Casual gamer. Big on Destiny. Been playing other games. Just got a new capture card so plan on streaming more.

Hello there! My main games I love playing is Halo, Destiny, Mass Effect. I love playing games that I'm just interested in no matter the reviews. :)

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