Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

created by Game Republic and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America

PlayStation 2

Genji tells the story of Yoshitsune and Benkei, who take on the forces of the Heishi to prevent them from acquiring mysterious crystals known as the Amahagane to fulfill their evil ambition.


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Gamer since the 80's & HUGE fan of Samurai/Ninja. Did I mention I like raccoons & Regular Show? Come &check out my stream sometime! Twitch.tv/sorigby

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My Name : Ahmad Ikhsan You Can Call Me DoramedIII as game nickname

Games are my life. I love talking about them and even more I love to play them. MMOs, RPGs, FPS, and recently fighting games are my jam.

Hi, everyone! I'm a cosplayer, illustrator and businessman from Brazil. I love game, comic, anime, novel, mangá and music. Nice to meet u all! (*ΦωΦ)

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just a guy trying to get good at streaming

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