Gods Eater Burst

created by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Games Inc. & D3 Publisher of America, Inc.

PSP PlayStation Vita

PSP title featuring 4-player co-op, with tons of customization of weapons to fight demons in a futuristic industry-style world by Namco.


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-College Student , taking Information Technology BS in Animation and Game Development. -Hardcore Gamer

I'm a streamer / cosplayer who loves RPGS, FPS, action games, and pretty much any other video game! Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite!

Not much for you to get here. Except some cookies. Non-existent flavor.

. .i'm cuter on the internet.

Hello. My name is Zosimos. I like to play the video games on my moving picture tube. Sometimes i'm really bad, and sometimes i'm really good.

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