Heart of Darkness

created by Amazing Studio and published by Interplay Entertainment Corp., Ocean Europe Limited & Atari SA

Windows PlayStation

The game follows Andy, a child who hates his abusive teacher, loves his dog Whiskey, and is afraid of the dark. One day, Andy and Whiskey head for the park. A solar eclipse occurs while they're there. During the eclipse, Whiskey is taken away by an unseen creature.


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Smash 4 italian player, still waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Also if there were a Budokai Tenkaichi 2 competitive I would be hyped as fuck

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From colombia, since i was a little child I played games with my grandpa and father :D VIDEOGAMES FOR EVER!!!

Hi, I'm Nuno. I'm 26 years old and I'm one of the developers behind Titan Forged Games, a Portuguese-based video-game development company.


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Whats up dudes, i am the original Blackbrian, im from brazil and recently i started to make streams on twitch (twitch.tv/guizum). For The Horde!

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