Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where Axis and Allies fight for control. The game uniquely merges epic first-person shooter action with a rich strategic layer, where your decisions have the power to turn the tide in an ongoing war among thousands of online players. Players can choose to play as 'Heroes', fighting in the trenches, flying planes, commanding tanks and other vehicles on the battlefield, or take control of the war as 'Generals', determining the strategic direction and supporting fellow players by managing battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements. The 'Generals' part of the game is also playable via the companion app 'Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command' which is available for iOS and Android. As Infantry, Tank Gunner, Fighter Pilot, Recon, Paratrooper or General, your actions can turn the tide of a persistent online war, fought by players across the world! Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone!

Juego Counter-Strike: Global Offensive entre otros. Actualmente en Campaña para llegar a Rango Global Elite. // http://steamcommunity.com/id/CapperARG

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I am Crull001. Card Seller, College Student, TF2 and Csgo Trader, and Twitch Beam and youtube streamer. I do alot.

Im Richmond | 15 years old | Playing random games | Main Brand LoL | Noob

I am an artist/ Gamer

One of the leaders of legendary CzechoSlovak clan in Battlefield 3, the PIRATES. Main games:BF4, OW, HoTS.

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