I Am Bread

created by Bossa Studios and published by Bossa Studios

Windows PlayStation 4

I am bread, I am bread is a quirky game by Bossa Studios where you are playing as a slice of bread trying to pursue its dream of being a slice of toast instead. Along the journey of becoming a piece of toast you can end up skateboarding, doing parkour or even spinning across tables. However, when you are pursuing the route to the toaster you have to be extremely careful in not touching the dirty floor and becoming "inedible" after crawling across the floor, scaling walls and shattering jam jars with hardcore slice of bread. This game has seven maps to become toast these two examples of these are the kitchen and the basement, however it is not always as normal as getting in a toaster to toast the toast. For example in the basement you have to turn on the power by climbing across the ceiling to reach the switch and then cook it on a generator where you will have to be extremely careful when you are toasting your toast because it can reach and extremely high temperature and go from being a slice of bread to a slice of toast in a matter of seconds. "This game turns the ordinary slow life style of a piece of bread to a living adventure of a wanna be slice of toast risking everything."


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