NEStalgia is an original MORPG inspired by the glory days of traditional console RPGs. Essentially "Dragon Warrior 3 meets World of Warcraft", NEStalgia is an amalgam of the best generations of RPG gaming. You can play solo, in private games with friends, or online with hundreds of other players!


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Generic user.

Sm4sh R.O.B. main from Louisiana. I should really main a top tier.

I've come this far to play games...

Comical geeks from NY who play games from the master race PC to the thumb-twerking consoles!

mmm. games.

I play games because I love the friendships that come from playing. I also enjoy gaming alone just to relax and forget all worries for awhile.

I enjoy playing many different kinds of games, but at the moment, I am enjoying Minecraft and visual novels the best. I enjoy making videos for Youtub

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