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Paperboy is originally an arcade game that came out in 1984. The main purpose of the game was to go from house to house delivering papers while avoiding obstacles.


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I'm a Swedish fan of the Imperial Stormtroopers (their 'useless' armor looks awesome!), hence my username.

Dee, Sarah, Matze und Philip sind BonfireTV. Wir versorgen euch jeden Tag mit dem Besten aus der Welt der Videospiele. #BonfireTV

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I have a degree in Criminology, which means I'm unemployed, and I'm a gamer at heart trying to make the world a better place.

Hello. My name is Zosimos. I like to play the video games on my moving picture tube. Sometimes i'm really bad, and sometimes i'm really good.

Video games are my passion and i'm open to new experiences, I am not a hater or fanboy i am loyal to every game that exists

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