Perfect Dark Zero is the prequel to the critically-acclaimed futuristic first-person shooter, Perfect Dark. You play the role of bounty hunter Joanna Dark, uncovering conspiracies about the dataDyne Corporation.


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Hey gamers! I am a huge fan of Halo and Devil May Cry!! I have a YouTube channel I hope you find my video at leaste "ok" enjoin your stay!

Been a player since I was 5, I play a variety of games, as long as its interesting :)

Hey, Hallie here. I got here early enough to get a good username. Lucky me, huh? In my spare time I do nothing. It's an exciting life.

16 y.o girl just wanting to play more games

Basically I am just a guy who plays games, watches anime, and reads manga like everyone else except I've been doing it for a long time now.

Retro games fan and console maniac , currently game designer who has a real passion for technology and the world of gaming in particular : ]

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