Be whisked away to a fragmented dreamscape: Introducing an original, standalone story with a few unique twists. Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams.

Hello there! My name is Vashido and i'm a small channel Let's Player. If you're interested in soothing voices, you've found one. :D

I'm a 35 year old male gamer. I play on PC, PS4, PSTV & PS3. No system (Console or PC) is better than the other.

I play video games. I also do things.

RPGs, JRPGs, MMOs, Anime, History, and Pasta. What more do you need?

Gamer for life.

Welcome to my profile. I am a hardcore gamer and collector of videogames. A Trophy/Achievement Hunter. I also enjoy writing reviews on video games.

Just a base for now. Will update in the coming weeks.

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