Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

created by Ubisoft Montreal Studios & Casablanca Software Inc. and published by Ubisoft Entertainment

Mac Windows GameCube PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox

The Two Thrones is the fourth and final game in the Sands Of Time series. It tells of the Princes quest to finish the corrupted, power hungry Vizier and his negative parts of his mind.

This is me, i play all sorts of video games. Creator games are my favorite. I spend all day and night gaming, gotta get them level ups!

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I play most of stealth and strategy games but i also like shooters, rpgs and others. First game ever was Prince of persia . Assassin's creed is life.

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I am a deign student and an avid PC gamer. I love playing action, sci-fi and racing games.Fantasy titles too appeal to me sometime though. :) :) :)

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