Project Gotham Racing 4 builds on the foundation of PGR3, adding weather effects and new multiplayer modes, as well as the ability to ride motorcycles in the game.


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It is I, the Blahmarrow. As in, BlahMarrow of Playfire, the site GMG murdered slowly and painfully.

Generic user.

''Hammer Studios Gaming'' is a YT channel which specialises in racing game tutorials and car reviews, as well as action/horror lets plays...

I started playing video games when I was very young. Got my first console on elementary school and since then gaming is what I do best.

Hello :D I'm studying Game Dev in college with a wide range of obsessions :) And I hate these things, so I'll shh now :3 There's more about me below:D

Casual gamer. 26 y/o. Using Xbox One as main console.

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