Rush on Seven Episodes is a typical free roaming level up based MMORPG.


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loves rpg, tps anime & manga.

I'm a guy from the Detroit area that likes to play MMOs. Also my friends are better than yours.

✿I just want to play games and make art. \[3u3]/✿

Former Game Master MMORPG Gamer FPS Gamer Game Tester Proud Enlightened Ingress Agent Soon to be Pokemon Trainer ^_^

19 | Anime and Manga lover | Casual Gamer | Fav quote "If I could change my ways I would, you know I would stop these thoughts if I could".

My Life ________________ . starts now :3

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+Online Gamer +Graphic Designer +Programmer +Manga Enthusiast

IGN: asdfausghjkl Ima Feeder, deal with it.

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