Sim Theme Park

created by Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. and published by Electronic Arts, Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd. & Electronic Arts Victor

Mac Windows PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PSP

The long awaited sequel to Theme Park by Electronic Arts.


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Hey everyone! My name is Rachel but I am the person behind the Kinnie Fox channel on youtube. I enjoy playing all sorts of games!

Desarrollador de Daily Yellow Press y experto en bacon. Queriendo vivir dentro de un videojuego desde 1987.

En Taro Zeratul~ / UI / UX Designer

An Indonesian game player since 10 yo. Japan weeb since 16 yo. Nice to meet you ^^

Generally a bit of a nerd.

I’m Preposterown. I’m no pro…just very gung-ho when it comes to gaming…and by gung-ho I mean reckless...like a human monster truck show...

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