Slendytubbies II continues the story after the first 'Slendytubbies' game. 5 long years has past since the events of teletubby land. You, the white teletubby have been trying to figure out what happened. After 5 years of research on the teletubby custards you collect from teletubby land, you believe that the custards are genetically modified. You travel to teletubby land once again (which is now destroyed and swamp-like) to collect more custards for your research, only this time you find a secret entrance inside the teletubby house which leads to an unknown passage.


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My Name Is Cyther Gaming And i started a youtube channel about a year ago.Nothing happened no subscribers no viewsSo i deleted all my vids and...

Just a guy from the Philippines who likes to play :P I play with lag by my side..

I am a Gamer, LaVeyan Satanist, Musician, and Artist.

▲D J T R I P L E▲I'm a beatmaker,I like mobas and fps▲Call me bread ▲


I'm a kid with a laptop and some software, watch at your own risk.

Hello I am a twitch streamer, I like to play a lot of horror games and will record them about half the time so that I can show them to my friends lat

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