Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

created by Core Design Ltd. & Westlake Interactive and published by Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd. & Eidos Interactive

Mac Windows PlayStation

In search to find four mysterious artifacts fashioned from the heart of an ancient meteorite, Lara journeys through challenging adventures packed with puzzles, hidden traps and ruthless enemies, from the jungles of India to the icy wastes of Antarctica, across the rooftops of London and into the depths of Nevada's mysterious Area 51. Be ready for anything.


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I'm just a normal guy who is mainly speedrunning Tomb Raider 3.

Hey, no one'll read this but y name is Sean, but that's pretty obvious. Feel free to add me on Steam: Happy Toby. That's it. Good day. ... bye...

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Wolfi undso...ich mach das hier einfach später. :D

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im cool

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