Touhou 9.5 - Shoot the Bullet

created by Team Shanghai Alice and published by Team Shanghai Alice


Shoot the Bullet is the eleventh game in the Touhou Franchise, but is referred to as 9.5. The game takes a different approach to curtain fire gameplay, as the game consists entirely of bullet patterns which the player must both take pictures of them and dodge them to survive.


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Anime trash and worth at least 5 potate

Heyyy there! The name is Lolishy♥. You may have heard of me from the Internet. I'm one of Etika-senpai's lolis that he LOVES to plays with~

A proud danmaku / bullet hell shoot 'em up player. Shmups are my lifestyle! c: I love achieving things, especially when they're difficult!

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I'm a British kid with a shit youtube channel. I collect video games and lion king merchandise. I also complete EVERY GAME I BUY so RIP.

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