Way of the Samurai 2

created by Acquire and published by Capcom & Spike Co., Ltd.

PlayStation 2 PSP

Way of the Samurai 2 is a PlayStation 2 action-adventure game released in 2003. It was released on PlayStation Portable only in Japan in 2009. The game is a prequel to Way of the Samurai.


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hi my name is haikal, im a newbie game speedrunner, currently playing God Hand and Way of the Samurai 2

well names Ian 25 im a youtube gamer and work I play lets plays, horror games, and minecraft anything else let me know XD

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96, Jor, fav : DmC1-5, calssic gamer and FU

My name is jon and i like to play games, i have a youtube channel where i get pissed off at games from time to time but it seems like its mostly just

I am just a common 3D model poser, and also a gamer. I'm from Indonesia, and among all games i've played before, Hentai games is the top. I love Jap

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