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  • Get a super awesome, beautiful profile to show off your games, video, streams, achievements and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding other players, teams and games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed dedicated to gaming updates, with no character limit!
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  • Get one of our super awesome, beautiful profiles to show off your members, games, content and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding new team members, other teams and awesome new games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed for posting your group updates, with no character limit!
  • Add your events or meetups.
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  • Get a beautiful game page to show off how good your game looks!
  • Grow your fanbase through a platform dedicated to gaming.
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  • Get fan feedback and suggestions on improvements in a scaelable way!
  • Link your game pages to your Company profile.
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  • Get an awesome company profile that shows off your team, products, videos and more.
  • Grow and connect with your fanbase on a platform dedicated to the gaming community.
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • Share updates about your company and your product with fans.
  • Manage your game or product pages, with the help of your fans.
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Meet the team
We're all players too!
Sean Product Director and Co-Founder of Player.me. I've been playing video games since I first set eyes on the tape deck of my Commodore 64!
xEliaas DaleChad PackersvsFalcons Gameerkat magabite
maktouch CTO + Co-Founder of Player.me. Recovering video game addict. My life for Aiur!
GryteK Sharp512 AnilCorn koopak UGRGaming
Katie Robot building robots. Hardcore PC enthusiast.
PackersvsFalcons Gorillakilla135 magabite BiG_Porras freedgamer25
Hyypperionn I work at Player.me/SplitmediaLabs. Who forgot to buy wards?
AmiRizky Shaun Shawndroid HeroGamersDK WilliamBirkin
JonUK Co-Founder and Chief @Strexm
thesilverfox GhostWalfa crazycoder69 ahnneAudrianna Sunforest
gazreyn Strexm Co-Founder - Gamer and Esports fan from the UK living in Manila, Philippines.
thesilverfox Biowulf chrisslight willywonka Aen
HOWSHL I work at Player.me: ♥ Indie Games, Retro Games, ID Software, Shmups, XBOX One & PS4, GIFs, Anime and more. Hit me up if there is anything I can do!
4seasonsgaming NickletonPvP crazycoder69 Fhilipeeee ElWaster
offcast Real a** gaming.... something.... it's just Pokemon Go...
Lifevirus crazycoder69 VGBootCamp RumbleRamy Thesarahroo
Sllayt3r EU Community Manager & Partnerships at @XSplit & @playerdotme. I quite like pretending to be good at gaming also.
Chromobeat SenpaiJesus TheModdingHD ohnoporkchop TheAngryToads
orlando iOS Developer.
orland2nd PrecisionGaming shatulance NexKon crazycoder69
Czaaa En Taro Zeratul~ / UI / UX Designer
SansDreemur crazycoder69 RumbleRamy GAME0nChannel NexKon
medimode Known in my workplace as 'medi' and I love to do a lot of things except play games. Doesn't mean I don't do it sometimes though.
crazycoder69 RumbleRamy GAME0nChannel tsuun metroidfanboy11
MatAndHisHat I like playing games. And fantasy novels. And music. And hats, I like hats.
NivusShockle crazycoder69 RumbleRamy GAME0nChannel safinah
lightlagon I Actually Hate the Sun for Being Hotter Than Me
Nandakumar MyMegaDeathMatch Mochikun Saxix VortexYT
Chocolates Chocolates is love, Chocolates is life
dsDoan crazycoder69 DeadbeatDad Petekaboo Craft
nicodoggie Tabletop Master Race!
SansDreemur crazycoder69 RumbleRamy GAME0nChannel
Nyaaa UI / UX designer of Player.me. Shiptoaster level 97. Tries to be a bit clever in life.
SansDreemur jamieb452 Mochikun redberry ElectroFu
dragEnergist Just a common family guy who loves video games, goes to work, takes care of the family. Work hard! Play hard! Ahoo!
dsDoan crazycoder69 DeadbeatDad Petekaboo PitchFontForkRhyme
OmoroiYankee My name is Hightension Gaijin, who is the lead personal of OmoroiYankee Entertainment!
RudeGirl fugi ahnneAudrianna Toadette NualphaJPN
kalabooosh Casual Gamer * Partnerships Manager for SplitmediaLabs * Proud Mom to an Awesome Boy
crazycoder69 Harisrox Jaykstah ZendenZ RumbleRamy
chrisslight Player.me Brand Representative | XSplit Brand Ambassador | Devolver Public Access streaming meat sack.
magabite DeadbeatDad emmantony quantomworks PC-Builders
BurnoutFighter XSplit Community Manager. Korean Translator. Street Fighter V promoter and button pressing artist.
WithU FleetofFoot Chusan WolfgangChuck TatsuShoryu
UGRGaming XSplit/Player.me US Community Manager, Twitch TV Partner
quinja79 Zewind Shawndroid Speedyric75 XReaver
snaky16 Player.me R&D.
crazycoder69 Sunforest RumbleRamy mapa Craft
zenpool Press X to pay respects.
dsDoan Oyed Gareth JonUK gazreyn
crazycoder69 Thank you Aaron. I Was able to fix the problem. I am going to accept your answer as I am now using your solution but I also had to do something else.
SoulShadow Oldgoldenfreddy12390 Brythnir PrinceOfHell UGRGaming
Oyed XSplit guy and Lead Dev for Strexm
dsDoan zenpool bgshiny phreakmania alrexbc
shahyar Professional Twerker at Player.me
dsDoan crazycoder69 DeadbeatDad Petekaboo GeeKH
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