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  • Get a super awesome, beautiful profile to show off your games, video, streams, achievements and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding other players, teams and games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed dedicated to gaming updates, with no character limit!
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  • Get one of our super awesome, beautiful profiles to show off your members, games, content and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding new team members, other teams and awesome new games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed for posting your group updates, with no character limit!
  • Add your events or meetups.
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  • Get a beautiful game page to show off how good your game looks!
  • Grow your fanbase through a platform dedicated to gaming.
  • Engage your fans and let them add videos, streams, screenshots and more to your game page.
  • Get fan feedback and suggestions on improvements in a scaelable way!
  • Link your game pages to your Company profile.
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  • Get an awesome company profile that shows off your team, products, videos and more.
  • Grow and connect with your fanbase on a platform dedicated to the gaming community.
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • Share updates about your company and your product with fans.
  • Manage your game or product pages, with the help of your fans.
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Meet the team
We're all players too!
Sean Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Player.me. I've been playing video games since I first set eyes on the tape deck of my Commodore 64!
Satomi Digiwolf WAR_KORN DraaxLP IvanDaRikic
maktouch CTO + Co-Founder of Player.me. Recovering video game addict. My life for Aiur!
coldbrain LiVitShiro GewoonRobbie C_Parkerusvi MaktouchIsMyDad
Katie Lead Tech Ops Cat at Player.me, Strexm, and Challonge @ XSplit. Hardcore PC enthusiast.
Gravylicious suicidemonster DraaxLP 2LegitTyr i99
Hyypperionn Tech Ops and Partnerships at Player.me/Splitmedia Labs. Who forgot to buy wards?
coldbrain AsuraiPH dpzgaming jyggy JimboyHandsome
JonUK Co-Founder and Chief @Strexm
medimode DeadbeatDad Howshl KeepEtClassy dsDoan
gazreyn Gamer and Esports fan from the UK living in Manila, Philippines - Strexm Co-Founder - Previously worked for ESL as head of UK production
Dyerpunk ToxicShoxx Gameshark Oyed medimode
Howshl I work at Player.me Indie Games, Retro Games, XBOX One & PS4, GIFs, Anime and more. Hit me up if there is anything I can do!
Toadette krishhkaye jyggy Fairlady AlexMrFish
offcast Real a** gaming.... something.... it's just Pokemon Go...
medimode DeadbeatDad Dantaes_Angel dsDoan kalabooosh
Sllayt3r EU community manager for XSplit & PlayerMe. I quite like pretending to be good at gaming also.
SemperFi-HonorNL AmbientFlush GLM BarlowPlays Bearichaun
orlando iOS Developer
ahnneAudrianna CakeOrDeath Craft CochaGamer Hacchi
Czaaa En Taro Zeratul~ / UI / UX Designer
medimode Dedri ahnneAudrianna Pewpewpew95 EPIKAMENRA
medimode Known in my workplace as 'medi' and I love to do a lot of things except play games. Doesn't mean I don't do it sometimes though.
gazreyn SansDreemur Craft Majorskater2k dsDoan
MatAndHisHat I like playing games. And fantasy novels. And music. And hats, I like hats.
LiVitShiro NexKon Craft Howshl Slik
lightlagon I Actually Hate the Sun for Being Hotter Than Me
Mark-EL Fairlady Oyed Keluku Leixu_Love
Nyaaa UI / UX designer of Player.me. Shiptoaster level 97. Tries to be a bit clever in life.
NexKon panxo606 CakeOrDeath LiVitShiro Craft
ahnnetot & < > ¢ £ ¥ € © ® §
Howshl DeadbeatDad Petekaboo dEsPeRaTiOn lightIsHot
OmoroiYankee My name is Hightension Gaijin, who is the lead personal of OmoroiYankee Entertainment!
jyggy Howshl DanieltheDemon dEsPeRaTiOn MrElKeny14
kalabooosh Casual Gamer * Partnerships Manager for SplitmediaLabs * Proud Mom to an Awesome Boy
Craft dsDoan Knapp_Bros_Pool Keleidosc0pe Fairlady
BurnoutFighter XSplit Community Manager. Korean Translator. Street Fighter V promoter and button pressing artist.
jyggy Ej1 Howshl Voltinhas Y2Jase
UGRGaming XSplit US Community Manager, Twitch TV Partner
jyggy CakeOrDeath Stormrazor dEsPeRaTiOn Extrackki
snaky16 Player.me R&D.
Craft LordiconMC DeadbeatDad Pete dsDoan
crazycoder69 Playing DOTA2, listening to rap music and programming.
SwatLife Howshl dEsPeRaTiOn LordiconMC DeadbeatDad
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